Recolectors Sound System

RecolectorsRecolectors Sound System is a musical collective that was formed by Wagner Pa and DJ Selector Golfo de Guinea. It combines pre-recorded music with live vocals, percussion instruments (timbales, bongos, cajon, timba, congas, octopad) and wind instruments such as trumpets and flutes. Each session is carefully crafted by the DJ Selector of global roots music, Golfo de Guinea and Wagner Pa, the lead singer for Brazuca Matraca. These two artists are regularly accompanied by one or two members of the band Brazuca Matraca and other invited musicians. The standard line-up of musicians who regularly perform are:

Xavi de la Salut (percussion and wind instrument; member of Brazuca Matraca)
Sanjay Peters (percussion and vocals; also member of Brazuca Matraca)
Max Moya (Percussion, octopad and vocals)

Latin, afrobeat, brazilian groove, rare groove, cumbia, salsa, reagge, percussion and much more with Recolectors.

Black music for all colors


Golfo de GuineaGolfo De Guinea


Golfo de Guinea earned his pseudonym as a result of having spent a number of years living in Equitorial Guinea. Although he has always participated in artistic endeavors such as theatre, music, writing poetry and working in radio while living in Catalunya, it is in tropical Africa where his creative energy flourishes, as he immerses himself completely in the sounds of black Africa. In addition to amassing a collection of wide variety of African music while residing in Equitorial Guinea, he also put together his own reggae band with the congolese musician Dechaux Mwamba and the local, Amado Nguema.

After returning to Barcelona in 2009, he found renewed love with his old vinyl LP’s of soul, funk and latin music, together which he added his new collection of LP’s acquired during his three year spell in Africa. Recognizing that he was on to something special in his familiar surroundings back in Barcelona, he starts to perform again as DJ, putting together different thematic formats and styles of music ranging from highlife, cumbia, reggae, funk, soul, latin, afrobeat to samba.

When it seems he is almost leaving his own career as a live musician, he decides to set up a unique project, under the heading of Recolectors Sound System, in collaboration with the DJ, singer and music producer, Wagner Pa (founder of Brazelona Sessions and Brazuca Matraca). The two together combine pre-recorded music with live vocals, percussion and wind instruments. This dynamic and attractive combination is nearly always combined with leading figures of the world music scene in Barcelona, as Xavi de la Salud, Sanjay Peters (both are band members of Brazuca Matraca) and Maxwell Moya Wright (former vocalist and percussionist of Ojos de Brujo).

In 2012, Recolectors Sound System and Wagner Pa & Brazuca Matraca joined forces to take part in a five city tour of Brazil, in Sao Paolo, Rio de Janiero, Florinapolis, Bel Horizonte and Brasilia.

At present, DJ Selector Golfo de Guinea regularly collaborates with Wagner Pa and with members of Brazuca Matraca, in different formats, ranging from acoustic, to electronic to heavy percussion, or sometimes he DJ’s with Wagner, or simply on his own.


Wagner PaWagner Pa


Wagner Pa, born in Rio de Janeiro, is the lead vocalist and the front man for the band, Brazuca Matraca. He is also an acoustic guitarist, a flutist and a composer. Blessed with having inherited the various different styles and genres of Brazilian music, ranging from Tropicalia, Bossa Nova, Samba, Afro, Psychodelia, Pop-Rock and Funk, Wagner created his own unique and easily recognizable sound. He is a traveler, an experimental musician who knows how to skillfully weave the rich musical traditions he was exposed to during his childhood years in Brazil, with Latin rythms, electronic music, and innovative expressions of ethnic and world music that he encountered while traveling and through living in Barcelona.

Wagner’s musical style can be best described as quintessentially Brazilian in sentiment, yet it’s part of a broader creative space connected to the wider world music community based in cultural and musical diversity, fusion, innovation and artistic expression without frontiers or limitations.

After the major success of his first two CDs, Brazuca matraca and El imparable transeúnte (the first making the top 10 list of world music recordings in 2004), his third CD, Melic, was released. In contrast to the earlier recordings the lyrics to the songs in Melic are in Catalan, making it somehow more personal and reflective of his new hybrid identity through residing and being adopted as a key member of the world music scene in Barcelona, yet not abandoning his Brazilian roots.

His fourth CD, Forn de Pa represents in many ways, a circular journey back to the beginning, with a much more minimalistic, organic feel. It is characterized with an overriding essence and flavor of samba, with the exception of the odd reggae track. The instruments employed in nearly all of the songs are predominantly acoustic. Simplicity and saudade, a Portuguese expression commonly used in Brazil to express longing and a sentiment of melancholy for a place or a person, and to reconcile physical and emotional distances, best defines the artistic form and substance of Forn de Pa.